Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I'm So Bored at Work

I'm so bored at work, I could nearly cry,
I'm so bored at work, I could stick a pencil in my eye,
I'm so bored at work, I sit and wonder what,
or why it was that I went wrong, to end up in this rut.

What did I do wrong, oh Lord, that I'd be punished so?
I sit and wonder what it was, but I'll be damned if I know.
It's just that I had dreams in my youth, of better things to come,
it's not like I'm a lazy man, it's not like I'm a bum.

I used to work so hard at times, thinking I'd get ahead,
but as it would all turn out, things got worse instead.
And so while I'm at work, things wander through my mind,
just because that I'm so bored it helps to pass the time.

But let me tell you all today that I've not abandoned hope.
I still think I have a chance, it's not like I'm a dope.
All I need is one good break and I'd be on my way,
to something better than I have now to better and brighter Days.

Oh I'm so bored at work you know, that's why I wrote this poem,
It passed the time and eased my mind because I know where I'm goin'
To bigger and better things my friend, yes to much bigger and better things.
Because hope still springs eternal, and winter soon turns to spring?

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