Friday, January 2, 2015

A Little Bit About PsychotiCorp

PsychotiCorp provides a number of goods and services throughout the world, with some of them actually being considered useful in certain scenarios.  Check out our chain of hotels called Bill's House of Ale and Debauchery.  A hotel chain that specializes in providing a place for someone to get drunk, act stupid and pass out.  Now in two locations.  One's been recently condemned but the other is still open.  The condemned one has since become a crack house, so it still has some use to the local community.  After all, we're all about community.

We even sell insurance.  We offer a variety of plans tailored to you, the consumer.  We realize that not everybody wants the same type of coverage.  Say you just want car insurance so you can drive legally in your state.  Well, we could issue you a policy that provides absolutely no coverage but keeps you legal.  We know that a lot of times when people finally do call in a claim to their insurance company, they get the royal runaround.  We don't do that, we tell you that you're getting absolutely nothing right from the get go, so we completely eliminate all of the guesswork.  Now that's convenience.

Do you like goofing off at work?  We thought you might.  What would be the absolute most defiantly enjoyable experience you could have on the job?  We think that it's online gambling.  We hope that you not only agree but that you actually do it.  That ought to fix your boss real good!

PsychotiCorp manufactures numerous products.  Sure, some don't actually achieve their intended purposes but they can still be used for such purposes as door stops or could be winged at a spouse's head during an argument.  So please check out our Web site, products and services.  Thank you.